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Freedom an Whisky

By Nikolyn Williams

I ain’t even gonna try to lye to y’all, it’s the umpteenth hour, I been on vacation I ain’t gotta stinking clue what to write about…. Well, we sort of went on vacation… We had to go look at cows and do every stinking thing Woodrow wanted to do. I’ma tell y’all there are times he flat gets on my nerves! But then he always does something romantical where I can’t stay mad at him.

This year makes 34 years of me cussing, stomping, screaming, and saying Oh my gosh you are the sweetest thing, simultaneously all in one breath. Did I tell y’all I’m Italian, I can cuss fluently in three languages! We have always had a fiery relationship!

Anyway, I’d about had all the cow looking I could stand, I was just about to that point where this whole trip was gonna go south. Then he pulls me up to the Paluxy River. Parks the pick up, gets out, takes my hand, and says, as he looked at me with those sparkling blue eyes, and says, remember when I brought you here when we were dating? I’d been planning on taking you camping here.

All of the sudden all the lessons I learned in gun school, like how to take the safety off, aim and shoot. Went flying out of my head on the wings of 5 Italian cuss words, 6 Spanish ones, and 3 ….Well 7 English ones.

At that point all I could do was say awwwww! Take his hand smile and in split second I’d forgotten we even looked at any cows! Sometimes it is flat exhausting being married to Woodrow, however it has never been dull!

We have lots of State Parks in Texas, Dinosaur Valley was beautiful, but it is hard to beat our own Caprock Canyons State Park

Love Always


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