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"Turn It Off"

People ask me all the time, how did you learn or get started making Buffalo Body Butter? You know, it was a process that involved a lot of things. Soul Searching, a quest for the Authentic in life, I was looking for meaning in everything I did, and I had dry skin, LOL. However I've always had pretty skin, but it did dry out, I'd get aggravated, because nothing worked. I wanted something I could put on one time and go, and it would last all day long.

So I was and still am on this quest for meaning in my life. Trained in Science I began to dissect everything. What was making Nikolyn happy, where was she truly content? I began writing these things down, and gravitating towards them.

One day 7 years ago I noticed the TV was annoying me, I told Woodrow, this bill keeps getting higher and higher, he replied, "Turn it Off", that was like a light bulb for me "TURN IT OFF!" it really was just that simple wasn't it? So I did turn It off, I unhooked the whole thing. I began reading books everything I could find about herbs, the scientific part of my mind began to churning, but something else happened. I started applying "Turn It Off" in other aspects of my life. If it wasn't making me happy? It was really just that simple, "Turn It Off!" "Walk Away", Gravitate towards the good in your life. When I began to look around and identify that, it was centered around one simple man, with one simple Moto "Turn It Off"

I began shutting other things out, and focusing on what it was that was making me happy. It was Woodrow, those herbs, it was the simple things that were making me smile.

That beat up old pick up, I promise you could not melt and pour me into a new vehicle anymore. LOL It would literally mortify me. So I grabbed a hold of the hand of the greatest love of my life and let everything else go. I found happiness in Wild Flowers, Wild Plums, hiking, most everything nature had to offer. I began to laugh often and loud. I have been truly happy for the most part ever since.

Life can still be a work in progress, and sometimes I have to work at keeping the negative out. When you surround yourself with the Authentic, and good, when something that is not creeps in it can be kind of a shock.

Anyway, I spent the next 5 years, concentrating on my happiness, and perfecting my issues with dry skin and playing with the herbs and oils I'd come to love so much. Eventually, my friends, began to love my Body Butter as well. and that's kind of where it all began.

This Butter and Scrub it is good. It is all natural. It is made with quality ingredients all of those things make it good, but what makes it great is the love I've found on this journey. It's in there in every jar, in every batch, that love story and journey is in there and that is what makes it great, you will never convince me otherwise.

Love Always


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