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Times Gift

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

By Nikolyn Williams

Woodrow is on the last week of 37 days of radiation. He is fine, it all is going well, but we've spent an unusual time apart from one another. Yesterday I was struggling, hell I was flat out crying. When all of a sudden he sends me a text that simply read "Nikolyn I Love You" I could just hear his voice as I read those words. I've been consumed by it ever since so I wrote Times Gift.

There are perfect moments in time. Moments that make it stand still, moments that are surreal, they make you question your very existence.

Moments I can hear your voice in the words you send. I can feel its raspy tone wrap around my soul, as it takes me into the uncharted depths of my own being. These are the moments I never want to leave.

They are like a whirlwind, except everything seems to stop.

Sound, other than our own is non existent. In an unexplainable capsule, we are one.

A language only you and I speak exists and only in that place, and only within those moments.

Any distraction from these perfect pieces of time is almost unbearable to take, I can’t concentrate, nor do I want to. I want to stay consumed by it all. There within my soul engulfed in every emotion I’ve ever had or ever will have at once.

I am never alone, when we are together deep in that place our very thoughts are one.

Time is perfect, in all it’s intoxicating pieces. Minutes, Seconds, Hours, I don’t want to count them, I am afraid to, I don’t want to leave.

These are the moments my heart will remember forever, Moments that stop me in my tracks, they linger, there is no need for yesterday, today, or tomorrow, as I watch your eyes change from that twinkling sky blue to that smoldering cobalt. I smile and think, Why would I ever want to be anywhere else? Ever?

These Moments are time’s gift.

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