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The Water In the Well

Recently several songs on my playlist have talked about the “water in the well," the lyrics have been deep and have made me feel and think about things, …. These songs have substance. I am and have always been strongly drawn to things of substance.

Until recently, I’ve not listened to much country music, I just failed to hear the substance in “we got drunk on the dirt road?” Which is fine, however those songs, don’t ever become “the classics” that can stand the test of time like an “unchained melody.” Frankly it just didn’t appeal to me.

Things that have substance, consequently usually make me have very strong feelings about them.

My attention and focus is and has always been strongly drawn, not to the flashy corporate ranches, the ones with the fancy entrances, manicured lawns, pristine pick ups and trailers. There never seems to be a story in any of that. Probably because everything, pretty much runs smooth, with no blowouts, breakdowns, dead batteries, calves jumping out of the chutes and on top of people. These are the things that make a story. People that can break camp, jerk a tire off or gimp a trailer to town with one axle tied up, these people have heart. They have character. They can’t necessarily afford fancy pick ups and trailers, their equipment is mostly held together with baling wire and rebar, and by the way they can fix just about anything with said baling wire and rebar. Witch is a definite talent. They are not the ones that go in the local cafes and tip the waitresses large amounts, however they are there eating weekly and sometimes daily. They stretch a dollar a million different ways, because they can’t stand to see an animal go hungry, or a disappointed wife or child.

They are who built these small towns. Their clothes are dirty, their hair is messy and in need of a haircut, but they have raised families, sent them to school, they were here yesterday, they are here today, and I suspect they will be here tomorrow. They are the backbone, of an entire industry, they are also who an entire industry has forgotten, or doesn’t appreciate. Without them, I could name pages upon pages of, entities, salesmen, and for lack of a better word, sub cultures, that make a living off their backs that would be out of a job!

They are who I suspect? No! I know they are the ones those classic songs were written about. They are “The Water in the Well.” They are the farmer, They are the Cowboy!

Love Always,


Photos By Sarah Pfenninger

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