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Roaring Springs Old Settlers

I'd like to tell you like a seasoned reporter would probably do, how many Contestants, and how many Ranch Rodeo teams were present at the "Old Settlers Rodeo" this past weekend at Roaring Springs, Texas, but I do not know. My heart was so caught up in the lit up eyes and smiles of the young faces, we handed snow cones to, I'm not sure I still realized they were having a rodeo at the time.

We decided to take Freedom an' Whisky on the road and have a Buffalo Body Butter/Scrub/ Tshirt/ Snow Cone Stand. I'm here to tell you kids love Snow Cones! I never saw one second of that rodeo we were so busy, However I'm quite sure we met every kid there and even most of their horses. We heard most of their wild mutton bustin triumphs and daring dismounts. One young man told us about how courted one young lady by giving her one of our special "Unicorn" snow cones, and she agreed to give him her phone number.

No I don't know much about the particulars of the out come of the Rodeo itself, but what I do know is this, over the past few exhausting, wonderful, days. I've figured a few things out. 1. There is nothing in the world more fun than watching a young child's face light up when you hand them a Snow Cone, and 2. I have got to get the liberal Turtle the lives up here with us into to training for next years, annual, Snapping Turtle Racing Contest.

For whatever else may be wrong in today's world, in Roaring Springs Texas this past weekend, kids were kids again, Families were families, friends were plenty, like they were meant to be and a little boy named Flint Taylor Williams attended his first Snapping Turtle Race. I suspect it won't be the last.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if God resides anywhere it is surely "Under the Hill." We are very fortunate, to live and raise our kids, and in our case Grandkids in a place where standing for the prayer and the National Anthem is still important and revered. However busy we were, we couldn't necessarily hear it always, but that feeling, that resonated over the crowd and into that tiny Freedom an' Whisky snow cone stand, stopped us stone cold in our snow cone tracks. We couldn't always hear, but we knew we could feel it. Once when I realized what was happening and how the love of a country and the reverence could resonate in a feeling as such, it brought tears to my eyes, as I realized how much good was happening at that place and how proud I was of my own family for making such an effort to be a part of it all. May God bless and keep you all.

Love Always


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