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"Pack Trip Sunday"

By Nikolyn Williams

I’m pretty sure we can find a million and one reasons not to do something. We’ve all got responsibilities, laundry, we are too old for that, it’s dangerous, mudding a ceiling number one on my list as of late.

Every Sunday for I don’t know how long now, Woodrow has loaded his Pan-yard, on his pack horse, got on his saddle horse and took off. It’s become my Sunday entertainment to watch this whole ordeal and make wise cracks. His biggest quest in all of this has been, how he was going to coax me into going with him. I’ve come up with that exact million and one reasons why I couldn’t or wasn’t going to go. However, this particular Sunday, and Thank God we woke up to 4 inches of rain, I knew we were not about to drive anywhere, because we live on about 4 miles of dirt road.

I don’t know what it was really, none of those million and one reasons seemed to be able to hold me anymore. Plus he promised to take me to the Plum Thickets. So away we went on hours of adventure and laughter, Me, Woodrow, two horses, and four dogs.

One of the things I think all ranch wives understand, is there always the possibility of danger, the ones that last 30 or more years become somewhat immune. Or at least I think I did! Anyway, I always know one thing, it may get western, but I’m probably gonna see things that will be forever etched in my mind and heart.

On the way back we got caught in a rain shower, we kicked those horses into a high trot, as we did, Woodrow, yelled back to me we are cutting through “The Skinner," I thought yep and there is a big ol Rattle Snake den on “The Skinner.” I know this because we’ve killed several big ones, “On the Skinner.”

So, as I was following his butt in said, “High Trot”! When I heard that familiar rattle, Woodrow, looks back and yells “Keep Riding!” Knowing I probably had no other choice, I kicked ol Hollywood into a higher gear.

I have no idea why I keep following his butt? I’m going to get some dang counseling about my addiction to these rogue personality types!

At least this time being the veteran I am I kicked ol Hollywood in to that high lope, instead of stopping right on top to the Rattlesnake and yelling “What did you say?” I think that’s when I first got that endearing nickname “dammit Nikolyn”!

When we got to a safe distance, while still in that “high trot.” I yelled, How big was it? BIG! Woodrow answered, you rode right over the top of it. Of course I did I thought, ughhhh I just close my eyes and hope for the best. Like I’ve always done, well I’m still alive I thought. Yee Haw, Catch another gear, Hollywood, It’s raining and “Sugar Melts” LOL!

You know, the ride with these cowboys, can and WILL get wild and woolly at times, but I guarantee, it never gets old, and it’s never dull!

Love Always,


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