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Where the Wild Plums Grow

Updated: May 5, 2021

It has begun, the plum bushes have exploded with the most beautiful white lacy fragrant blooms, and all I have to do is roll the pickup window down an inhale heaven. Which is what hooked me to begin with. Shortly after a brain Aneurysm, I had last April, I’d healed enough to become restless. Woodrow recognized it and knew he couldn’t watch me 24/7.

It happened early one spring day, almost as if it was whisked in on the wings of a butterfly, in some magical way. The most beautiful aroma found its way through that pickup window and made me pull my foot off the gas and slam on the brakes. I backed up, to the origin of that heavenly smell and from that day forward I was completely mesmerized by those Plum Thickets.

I’d tell you it was coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in God’s plan, fate, the universe, cosmic forces, nature, there was a reason, that heavenly aroma floated through that pickup window that day. Woodrow and Gus, asked me to go check cow water. I consequently jokingly named myself “water wop”, I’m Italian.

It was hard for me to resume hiking right away, or being the resident carpenter. So I literally healed checking water and spending time with the cows and nature. I spent hours, days, and weeks, in those Plum Thickets, picking Plums, contemplating life and processing what had happened to me and what I was going to do and or not do about it. I did a lot of near death experience soul searching there “Where the Wild Plums Grow”. Those thickets were like a magnet, I was drawn to them daily and every day I grew stronger. I fell in love with the whole “Wild Plum Journey” it became a refuge, if you’ve ever had Brain Trauma, you understand what I mean by refuge.

I love to pick Plums, I love to make Wild Plum Jelly. When these blossoms are gone, there is a period of time as they enter their transition, and become my favorite fruit, “The Wild Plum”. I drive by these Plum Thickets daily, just like a professional cotton farmer…. Accept with Wild Plums, and without a big ol tractor…..Well unless I get stuck and “Gus” has to send “two guys and a tractor” to pull me out. That’s another story. LOL Anyway I drive by “my Plums”, hang my elbow out the window checking my Plum crop just like a real farmer. I literally cannot wait until that round green delicious fruit turns red! Then the race is on to get those Plums before the deer, hogs, and coons. I just need a golf cart and some explosives……Ya’ll ever seen that movie “Caddy Shack”?

Ya’ll pray for the Plums, not to fall prey to a freeze. I do owe them a great deal, and if you get the chance, find a Plum thicket this spring and spend some time ” Where the Wild Plums Grow”

Love, Always


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