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There Will Be Days Like This

Updated: May 5, 2021

"When it's not always raining there will be days like this."

Van Morrison

Sometimes we in agriculture, become a little bit " programmed" to always portray, that beautiful "cows on green pastures under blue skies" picture. That's not a very realistic portrayal, I'm afraid, sometimes even amongst ourselves we become really good at painting those beautiful pictures.

Last week a rock from the trailer some how flew up and hit the back glass of Woodrow's pick up "Black Betty". The glass looked like a spider web for a few days and then must have finally fallen out. Woodrow picked me up in Black Betty at the front door, to go put out hay.

As usual my mind was in a million different canyon paths and creeks. I quickly came back to the present, when he asked, "you know what's great about having the back glass of your pick up gone?" I whirled around saw the gapping hole, threw back my head and died laughing, and replied, "No Woodrow, I don't but I'm sure I'm about to find out." " If your standing in the bed of the pick up and you need something from inside the pick up all you gotta do is reach in there and get it". Again I'm laughing so hard I can't hardly breathe. When I caught my breath, I said " you know what else is good about it Woodrow? " " Black Betty is paid for, and I'm not an endentured servant to an expensive pick up payment" He looked at me and smiled.

🎼"When you understand what I mean there be days like this"

The reality of agriculture is a plague of broken windows, blowouts, breakdowns, plan B's. The process of getting those cows under those blue skies and onto those green pastures, can often test you to the limits of you your very being. It can rip your guts out stomp on them and literally test your faith.

🎼"When no one steps on your dreams, there will be days like this"

The road can and will be rocky and ruff, but when we finally get those cows settled under a blue sky, on a green meadow. We look out recall the trials and tribulations, shake our heads and say…

🎼"When all the parts of the puzzle start to look like they fit, my momma said, There will be days like this"

Love Always,


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