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"Christmas Vacation"

I'm learning how to be a parent of "Grown Children." They are in some ways like toddlers, when they begin to walk, they want to be left alone, until they stump their toe, then they go to hollering "Momma!"

Woodrow and I are on the second honeymoon phase of our marriage. Things are not as stressful any longer, "Momma and Daddy" are relaxed somewhat for the first time in 25 or 30 years. AND ARE ON A DAMN DATE!!!! LOL!!!

Have I told y'all about that "little one" Tylee Jo who has us on Shock and awe constantly! She now wants to be our friend and "hang out" with us. Go Figure? One of them now likes us! LOL

So remember, Woodrow and I are "on a date". We have taken a "Christmas Vacation". Tylee Jo, calls out of the blue and says... Hey my boyfriend and I want to come camping with y'all. We'd been camping at my brothers deer lease and had moved on to Garner State Park, where we were having a lovely time hiking and romancing. Long peaceful, hand held walks on the river.

It was heaven. Of course they are our children and we were more than happy to have them join us. First let me explain about the musician boyfriend, have any of you ever seen that movie "The Son In Law"? The one where the farm daughter brings home "Krull" the city boy!? The family is in shock, at first. Then they see his heart which is what the farm girl saw in the first place, and the family loves him like she does. Well that's what we got, "Krull" the musician. He's got long shaggy hair, dresses funny, and wears Ju Ju beads. Kind of like I do myself, LOL.

"Krull" also came with Molly the 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. Before I go any further with this story, I want to say how much I appreciate Krull, he is very kind and respectful to me. I see what our daughter sees, he has a wonderful heart.

So the three of them join us at Garner State Park, our daughter, "Krull and Molly the Rhodesian Ridgeback, for those of you that are unaware Rhodeasian Ridgback dogs are originally used in Africa to hunt Lions. Molly is a very sweet and smart dog, however she has some hearing problems, in that she sometimes doesn't listen well.

So we decide to go hiking up Ole Baldy, its pretty good hike and simply beautiful. The day before Woodrow and I had hiked quite a bit and we are 30 years older, so right before we got to the top we stopped at a pretty spot to sit and rest and "romance" a little.

About the time Woodrow grabbed my hand and kissed it, we heard several loud "Thuds" accompanied, by these animal growling and human screaming noises. Woodrow looks at me and says that does not sound good, we better get up there! In disbelief, I replied, " Surely that's not our Kids" LOL Don't we all say that?!

So we headed onward up the trail, pretty quick we encountered a family with a Pit Bull, a crying mother and daughter and a father who was explaining to both of them they could have that half hanging off bleeding ear sewn back on. I looked at Woodrow, like WTH? The look on his face told it all. We continued on. When we got to our daughter and "Krull", she was covered in dirt like she had been rolling on the ground, hair disheveled, and she was mad! "Krull was white as a ghost, and in shock I think.

Apparently, he had handed Molly briefly to our daugther Tylee Jo, who has been raised around animals and can read them better than most veteran cowboys. Woodrow has always said she is such a natural, with all animals, she reads them. I'd rather work cows with her than anyone.

Tylee Jo began two explain, how the "Pit Bull Dog" Family walked said Pit Bull straight up to Molly the Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Dog, and was telling them how sweet the Pit Bull was. Neither of these two instinctive dogs thought the situation was very "Sweet " at all and as Tylee Jo told it, "they burred up and went on attack".

Apparently they could not get the dogs apart and Tylee Jo grabbed "Molly in somewhat of a bear hug, which is how she ended up under the bottom of the "Dog Pile!" I looked down at the ground and realized by the skid marks in the dirt this had all taken place on the edge of an 1884 foot drop cliff. I looked at Woodrow, and said well the "Badger" is back. "Badger" being what we called her as a small child, cause she was always in some kind of scrape.

The two Tylee Jo and Krull are now planning our next camping trip as "They had so much fun with us."

Woodrow and I who remember, I said we are in the second honeymoon phase of our marriage. However we couldn't bet happier as we had a great time with Tylee Jo and "Krull" as well..

"Krull", is very different than our ranching family, however it is his heart that has made our Tylee Jo love him. We are pretty crazy about him to0, you just can't help but love him!

Stay tuned folks we going to Big Bend at the end of February! Woodrow is bringing horses this should be entertaining!

Love Always


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