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By Nikolyn Williams

I used to love science, or so I thought. Heck I even got two college degrees in it. What I figured out the older I got and the more I found out about “Science.” What I really loved was nature. After I figured out that you can find “scientific research” that will say just about whatever the guy paying for the research wants it too. I just kind of got turned off. So I started looking at Science through a natural historical eye if you will.

Ever since I was a small child, my grandmother Nora, taught me things, about reading signs in nature. I loved listening to her and learning from her. She passed when I was about 29.

When I moved “under the hill,” I met a feisty older woman, I used to sit on her porch with her after I checked cows, she’d tell me things like, “Do you know about the little ants? When you see them building up those little ant hills, you know the rain is coming. If one side is higher than the other, that high side is the direction the rain will be coming from.” I received lots of useful information from “Elizabeth” Monk about nature and life. Whether I wanted it or not! LOL! I miss her.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’ve been seeing lots of hawks lately. We have had one here, ever since we moved here. “Remi” the Red Tail Hawk flies in what I think is a triangle pattern. When I walk the dirt roads by our house, this peculiar bird follows me and the dogs. Flying from tree to tree. At first I thought he may be thinking we might be his next meal, but I don’t think that’s it. Come to find out hawks are very curious, and are not really intimidated by people.

Sunday, I returned home from being gone all weekend, as I rounded the corner to home. RemI flew out of the trees, in his usual cross sweep, as if to say welcome home. Anyone that’s ridden in the pick up around here with me has heard me say, “Hello Remi.” I think Remi knows my pick up!

Since “Elizabeth and Nora,” are gone, I don’t know of anyone to ask so I’ve been reading about it some. There are all kinds of explanations, such as Hawks can reach incredible heights and seem to touch the higher realms with ease. Therefore, they have a deep connection with the spirit world, and as such, provide us with important messages from beyond. Hawks are gatekeepers of the East and they represent honesty and clear vision. Hawks are reliable warriors of truth. A hawk crying overhead may be a warning, while one dive-bombing is seen as a challenge.

If you often see a shadow of a hawk passing you, it means you may be in danger. If the bird sits on a low branch and simply stares at you, it could mean the death of a close friend. Sometimes, a hawk may fly over your head to simply check up on you.

I think I prefer the latter explanation, about them flying over my head to check up on me. Whatever the meaning may be, one my favorite things to see and know is that, “Remi” is there, and maybe, just maybe, he may be checking up on me for “Elizabeth and Nora.”


Love Always,


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